We all want the same thing, to be happy, successful, and fulfilled

The Attitude Advantage is a 12-week, interactive, virtual experience that puts your teen in the driver seat of their own future. Accessible from any computer, smart phone or tablet with access to Wi-Fi, this program will give them access to everything they need to survive and thrive in their teen years and come out on the other side as happy, successful, fulfilled adults. 

What's included?

This program is packed with amazing knowledge as well as some great features that will impress those hard-to-impress teens and help keep you in the loop!

  • Motivational videos from Jesse and some of his close friends (I bet you know a few of these folks)

  • Weekly live coaching calls with Jesse and other teens going through the program

  • Monthly live discussions with our resident Teen Expert for your teen AND YOU!

  • Our modern, high-tech check in system gives your teen a "direct link" to Jesse and his inspirational words and guidance (this system is seriously awesome!)

  • You, the Support Team, get access to everything your teen is doing throughout the course. This helps strengthen that support team for your teen.

The Attitude Advantage Pep Talk!

This speech has already helped over 250,000 teens nationwide!

Jesse has given this Keynote Speech in over 500 schools nationwide and it has an amazing track record of being that motivational "kick in the behind" that teens need to take action!

Things we will discuss during our conversation

You've got questions, We've got answers!

  • Dribble Like a Star with Jesse

    Something fun to get your teen interested and who doesn't like basketball?!

    Check it Out!

  • Jesse's Instagram

    Check out Jesse on Instagram and keep up join the team!

    Check it Out!

  • Think Like a STAR

    Take a peek at the type of people we collaborate with as mentors for your teen!

    Check it Out!

Show me the Research!

Want to see the supporting research behind each Life Lesson?

Each week, the teens are presented with a new life lesson and each of those lessons is backed by supporting research to prove that these changes in a teens frame of mind, actually work!